Thursday, April 28, 2011

Noni's Patois is The Place to Go for Soul!!

So I had the pleasure of meeting a Mrs. Kindle Burrows last week some time. And believe you me, meeting this women must have felt like the connection of a life time! Being a fellow Philadelphian Promoter, writer, and Soul Music lover like myself... naturally we kicked it off. Explaining to me her aspiration for future shows,  I could do nothing more than respect this women on soooo many levels! SHE"S HAS BIG DREAMS that she's turning into a reality slowly but surly with the ever so elegant shows that takes place each and every Wednsday @ Dowling's Palace which she has lovingly titled "Noni's Patois"!

This is a beautiful, peaceful, soulful atmosphere! I go a lot of places and never have I ever been somewhere where EVERY SINGLE PERSON that touched that mic was TALENTED!!! I sing, but these people were SANGERS!!!!! I loved everybody which doesn't happened to often. I felt I was at an actual concert with some of music greats before they made it! And the band........ #BANANAS!!! Nothing but talent was in the building last night. Philadelphia more spots like this!!!!
Thank you Mrs. Kindle for nothing more than you being yourself, having that passion, and loving the music! Its a deffinate that I'll be at every show you'll have!! Keep up the work!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Goin HAM wit Theodore Grams

He doesn't have it all, but he's got talent!! This electro/hip hop artist has #boing-ed his way into my ears! With a unique personality, and a up beat attitude, Theodore Grams is making his mark in the world of Philadelphia sounds with his hard hitting beats and lyrics. Young Grams, at the age of 21... has already worked with Philly Natives Chiddy bang, Yung Triz, Mont Brown  Pace... along with a host of artist that get off on his beats. With mixtapes Great Job 1,1 and some Change, 2, 3, Theo's Revenge, and Pocket Full Of Dreams #poppington the only way for this young man to go is up!!!!!

Q: Where the hell did you get the name Theodore Grams from?
A: "Well I used to be fat, so every body called me Teddy... like Teddy Grams. Then a friend of the Family (like an uncle to me...he passed) said he wasn't callin no grown ass man Teddy. So he called me Theodore! So I rocked out with that, and I respected the fact he respected me as a grown ass man!"

Q:How long have you doing music?
A: "Since I was 6-7, started writing songs since at 11, started doin it on some serious shit about 14.... I'm 21 now."

Q: When did you realize that music is what you wanted to do with your life?
A: "Ummm, The Roots video with Erykah Badu and everyone laying on the ground! That shit freaked me out, cause I was always wondering, I don't think my mind was far enough to fantum the concept. I knew they were all laying there for a reason. So I kept listening to the song, then I was listening to the hook like woo, I like Erykah Badu.... And from there started fuckin with like Lauryn Hill and people like that. hat was just my type of music!"

Q:What Type of music would you say you've made?
A: "Electro Hip Hop."

Q: what kind of person would you say you are?
A: "Hmmmm, great question! I'm a free spirit!"

Q: Right now, who are you woking with?
A: "Ummm, Yung Triz! That a close family friend. Chiddy Bang, on their up and coming album.... it's a long story behind that! A Production team that raps called "The Frat" which is a group of family friends and people I knew since yey high! Then The Astronauts with Mont Brown and Pace-O!"

Q: Do you have a favorite out of everybody your working with right now, and why?
A: "Favorites, as in music? Huh, I would say my favorite for beats right now would be Xahpoon Jones. It's the mash up of beats he does, CRAZY MASH UP's that just make sense!"

Q: Of all the things that you do, if you could be anything else... would you still rap?
A: "I think I would still rap! I think if anything I would want to Ghost writer as well. I would wanna drop a jawn every quarter, I'm not going to lie... I kind of like the control aspect of the game now!"

Grams went on to talk about a clothing lines "Frog Nation" and "DogTown" that he say's stands for originality and quality! I asked him about the frog on the shirt of Frog Nation and his response was...
"When you think of a frog, you don't think of as anything else but that. They are what they are. The color of them helps them stand out in a crowd and that's what we do!"
Love it!!!!!!!!
It's always fun to talk to some one who loves being the who they are! Weather your a weirdo, a asshole,a saint, or a down to earth person.... Theodore Grams music is for you!!! This artist is in a lane of his own. And dont for get to support Frog Nation ran by twin Nyimah and Nulan which is slowly but surly become the cloths for the unique! If raw is what you want, Raw is what he'll give!!!!

Friday, April 22, 2011

Fightin The Musical war With Da Troopa

When I first started to get into "THE SCENE", I had the pleasure of bumping into a very talented you women who's aristic side is so veritile that it goes beyond a first impression. When I look at this women, I see a rounded, intelligent, radient, and rough!! The "Million Dollar Mami" gave me a few minutes of her time to talk aout music, money, and main priorities of hers right now being a women in this industry!

Q: How long have you been doing Music?
A: "I'd say about 15 years!

Q: You been doing this for a few years, what else besides rap are you into?
A: "See this is what a lot of people don't know about me....... I am multi-talented! I just don't focus on one genre. First and for most, I am a writer, that is what i specialize in, that's my main field. But I been singing since I was 4 as well. I been dancing since I was 6, and writing since 7 (started writing poems)!  Dancing at 12.  " 14-15 started beat making and here i am!!!

Q: You've been making a lot of noise for some time now, what would you say has been your inspiration behind it all?
A: "I would say my music, my love for the game! you know... I just wanna tell my story, and I'm fortunate enough to be surrounded by people that wanna hear it and not judge it! My supporters.... they are a big influence and motivation, My haters, their motivation! his is me letting the youth know that you can do and be what ever the fu@k you want to be! Cant nobody stop you! you wanna be a rocket scientist, be a rocket scientist! Cant nobody tell you shit! That's why I make the music that I make..... I'm tired of this bubble gum shit!

Q:As a women in a predominately man's industry, how does it feel?
A:"It feels great!" Laughing she says "Cause alot of guys aint hotter than my female artist! Female artist is shutting shit down this year! They can either accept us as their equal, or we can just continue to give them a run for their money! And I hope the rest of my females aint gonna slow down their process neither! It's either run with us or run from us!! ITS THAT SIMPLE"

Q: Who in music would you say you looked up to?
A: "I would say more old school hip hop! Big Daddy Kane, Three Time Dope (hunington Park), the females like Queen Latifa and then Busta Ryhms....Emieim

Q:What artists thats out right now that you would say are dope in their own right, and not just rappers with hot beats?
A: "Imma say my Three Times Dope! Reed Dollaz! He really makes sense.He re invented himself the second time around and I'm proud of him. The project came out nice! I would like to say Spittage, H man, Izzie,  Ape Gang, Redface, Its so many talented people in my city that its crazy!Females, Bahamidiyah, EVE... she help put Philadelphia on the map for the ladies! I wanna say Ms. Jade, Nina, Fuck That!! I wanna say Drizz, Honest Phire, Hadonis, Baby Doll and you Ghingy! There are so many people that Ididnt get the chance to meet. We're ALL DOPE- ALL THE WAY!"

Q: They sayPhilly artists are some of the most talented people... why dont you think they dont make it?
A: "Because their to talented! Their so talented that they dont work hard! You can have talent, but if you dont have drive.... your gonna be sitting in drives way not goin no where! All the talent in the world and not going no where! And they dont get no where because their stuck in their city! I love my city, but Philly is a bunch of crabs in a barrel!"

Listen, I lie not when I say this chick is HARD AS NAILS and passionate as a motha fu*ka! I loved the honesty in her replies and the sincerity in her voice as she answerd. She said "In Philly its to many bosses, not enough worker! Too many cheifs, not enough Indians! How you gonna run a tribe with nobody with you? Everybody wants to be a King and Queen, but they don't take care of their kingdom!" i thought that was as real as it gets. I enjoyed my time talking with Da Troopa, When I asked her was there anything else she would like to say before I rapped it up and she told me "It's like reading a book! seriously, it's all right there! I ain't gotta lie to ya'll. I dont even know ya'll I dont give a fuck..... It's all right there!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Saving the Game With Jimmy Da Saint!!!

A few days ago I got to ask the notorious Jimmy Da Saint a few questions about his self, ICH, and Urban Celebrity! This Hood celebriy is no stranger to this life of music, fashion and art! He has and will always be one of the GoTo men in the city! If you dont know who he is, now you do!!

Q: What are you know for?
A: Writing books, managing artist, an euntopuenour, and reppin my city!!

Q:Alot of people really dont know how deep into this music thing you are!Like a few years ago, you had something to do with some known philly artists! Can you name them and tell me what your role was with them?
A: "Well those artist are Oschino, Sparks, E-Ness, and Black Key. I was their manager. I Oshcino and Sparks manager, I got them signed with Roca Fella. And E-Ness was affiliated with me when he first started. I was dealing with a lot of people and alot of things, then I got locked up!"

Q:If you dont mind me askin, what happened with that?
A: "I sold drugs to an undercover F.B.I agent, got ten years and went to federal prison!"

Q:But that didnt keep you down, because you came home and made some crazy noise! Like you got Books and Magizines out! Could you tell me something about those?
A: "I released a magizine last year called "Urban Celebrity", and I put my man (The Real) Rick Ross on the cover. While I was in prison I wrote over 30 books and became the first immmate to get a publishing deal while incarcerated! Now Im the #1 urban author int the country."

Q: Can you name some of the artist that your working with now, and what their doing?
A: "Well My I.C.H Team (Inner City Hustlers), and the youngest of the team....Young Savage, Izzie Farreal, ImTuFF (producer),HH Spady. I'll be dealing with Freeway soon! Hes coming out with a book and I got parts in that!"

Q: Well I read the first "Urban Celebrity" that came out and I thought it was pretty dope, but can you tell me what your expectations are with the next issue?
A: The first issue old out in 2 months. Fell back for a while and came back with some more polished people such as C.E.O Que, Tacey Tillman, and The Philly It Girls! Igot a lot of really good people working to make this pop! Its Gotta POP!"

Q: Now Philly is known as a place were people dont really support what you do. How do you feel about that!
A: "Well....... I dont have that problem! They support you when your making powerful moves! I put myself in a positions to be respected, and ehen you put yourself in that position people dont have a choice but to respected and wanna be on board. Its best to be a part of in the beging, cause Im getting places and you won't be there in the end!"
Q: In the next ten years... where do you see yourself, ICH, and Urban Celebrity Being?
A: "I see my self as he next Russel Simmons, ICH will be the next NWA, and Urban Celebrity will be the next XXL!"


Sunday, April 3, 2011

Henny, Goose, and.Ciroc.... It's All at Flop's

Another night of of liquor and music,and at 2:30 I'm sitting in Flop's. A nice lil after hour on the back streets of North Philly, in the cut but comfortable! Good drinks, good people, and a chill vibe. I mean.... This is a plush lil joint with two lil bars that hits the spot for me!
If your trying to chill on the late night, come to Flop's!!

Friday, April 1, 2011

Bussin' It Up with Rugg.... Part 1

So, I'm still kinda new to this music  thing! But in a little bit of time, I've had the pleasure of meeting so many influential people that had something to do with the music of my time!
And with that being said, Melvin Carter aka Rugged Ness is and will always be a necessity for any artist that wants to get any where in Philadelphia! I had a chance to buss it up with Rugg and see what made and makes him the man that he is today.
I found out in a short amount of time that I really knew nothing about this man who I have had the honor of working with, talking to, and learning from. I asked him "What got you into music?"
He responded with a story about when he was young and visiting his aunts house in New York. And how him and his cousin would sneak outside and watch the older men gather between the buildings to spit their rhymes. Talking to me with an assuring tone expressing to me he was no young bull, he said  "I didn't know what was going on. I didn't even know to like it!"  That was a shock to me! I thought him being who he was that that was where he started out, but I was in for a hell of ride!
Rugg started out DJing at the age of 12 with his older friend Ernest who was a local DJ in Mount Airy! He started to build his name around the city when he moved to Logan and started to do house parties. And it was there that he meet Mad Drama and started to work on his music!
Around 88'-89 Rugg's friend Emay (a locol tagger) started EMAY Records and Rugg and Drama signed with him! Putting out 2 solo singles "Big Boys" & "For Real", Rugg started to make some real noise! Coming up and out with some pretty dope artist such as R.A.M Squad, I Ty Ruffian, The Roots, Shock Nation, and Bum Rush.... Rugg stood out and ventuerd off into other parts of music!
As one of the owners of "Platinum Bound Records", Rugg was the man behind the music of a majority of Philly artist such as Major Figgas, Freeway, Peedi Crack, RAM Squad, and etc! Promoting that Philly sound was embedded into him! But it was with Philly Native Eve  that put Rugg into a nother line of work. After years of working with Eve before she became that person in the spot light.... After she blew up she did not forget what he had done for her! So when she started her sitcom "Eve" she called Rugg and offered him a job as her sound man, so he picked his family and moved to California leaving behind Platinum Bound to persue another part of his musical career!
After the show was canceled, Rugg return to the place that he had started, but starting a New life which lead to the opening of "BatCave Studios". And for everyone who has been in the dark for the past 10 years..... BatCave Studios is one of the most know studios in Philadelphia! The Home to damn near anybody thats doing something with music in the city. Rugg, P Funk, and Biz Porter are the names behind Meek Mills, Ape Gang, Black Dinero, Mont Brown, and others! Now a radio station, Record Company, and Studio... BatCave definatley is a name that rings bells!

Rugg Keep rockin my man!!! You are one of the reasons that we keep believing!!!